Rebecca Wulf
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Rebecca Wulf  / St. Louis artist

As a little girl, Rebecca Wulf fell asleep at night imagining as if she were a heroine in stories of her own creation. Engaging in Japanese cartoons and video games while growing up further fed Wulf’s desire to create art. Wulf’s compositions are a synthesis of the Superflat movement and contemporary art. This melding of Japanese aesthetics and boundless imagination led to her artistic approach, frequently featuring futuristic girls with an unwavering gaze into an unexplored realm. Her images convey deep thought in and of an otherworldly atmosphere, aiding the viewer in their journey through another time and space.

Rebecca Wulf received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with an emphasis in Graphic Design. While she isn’t creating art, Rebecca uses her creative skills as a full time designer at HLK in St. Louis, Missouri.